Day Supports

Day programs at Person Directed Supports are created to meet each individual’s needs and skillset. Both unlicensed and licensed day programs are held in a safe and caring environment with a fantastic team of human service professionals.

Our program provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to enhance personal fulfillment and growth. We encourage each person to choose activities that build on their strengths and preferences, as well as their priorities for learning, socialization and recreation as defined in their care plan.

Unlicensed Day Program

Unlicensed day programs focus on skill-building in the community and working toward goals as determined by the person being supported and their team. These programs are located in the Lehigh Valley, Chambersburg, and Lancaster. Individuals take part in recreational and learning activities including art, music, community events, social events, sports, and more.

Licensed Day Program

Licensed day services are offered in the Lehigh Valley and Chambersburg area. Each individual is given the opportunity to increase their personal independence by being provided with a variety of educational, vocational, and therapeutic activities. This day program serves all individuals regardless of supervision and care needs. Individualized programs are created around each person to best serve each individual. Everyone is encouraged to focus on their unique strengths and qualities by participating in activities that will help them work towards their personalized goals.