Behavioral Services

Behavior Support Services are designed to increase individuals’ independence and inclusion in family and community life by expanding their adaptive behaviors and functional skills. We always use best practices to identify the causes of, intervene to prevent, and appropriately react to problematic behaviors. Our team is dedicated to encouraging healthy behaviors in everyday lives.

Our Process for Behavioral Supports

At Person Directed Supports, behavior support services begin with an initial Behavior Assessment to determine the individual’s needs. A positive Behavior Support Plan (BSP) is developed based upon the results of the first evaluation. All team members are trained on the implementation of the both the behavior support plan and individual support plan.

The Behavior Specialist monitors and implements the positive behavior support plan, collects on-going data, and revises the BSP as needed based on the progress of the individual. We will also model interventions for those working directly with the individual and conduct on-going observations of the individual in various settings.

Behavior Support Services are not to be confused with Psychological Services.