Support Services

All of our support services and programs are guided by the concepts of Person-Centered Planning and Everyday Lives. We strive to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities to attain their personal goals.

Person-Centered Planning focuses on the individuals’ strengths, choices, and preferences. Everyday Lives includes the values of choice, control, quality, community inclusion, stability, accountability, safety, individuality, relationships, freedom, success, community contributions, collaboration, and mentoring. These values are what individuals need to live their lives to the fullest.

At Person Directed Supports, we offer the following support services:

Adult Day Programs

Day programs are created to meet each individual’s needs and skillset. Both licensed and unlicensed day programs are held in a safe and caring environment with a team of human service professionals.

Adult Residential Programs

Support is provided to individuals in community homes or life sharing with a host family. Each individual is evaluated to determine which living environment will work best for them depending on their needs, wants, and goals.

Behavioral Services

Behavior support services use empirically-validated practices to identify the causes of, intervene to prevent, and create appropriate reactions to problematic behavior.

Vocational Training

Vocational Training provides the supports individuals need to successfully find and maintain a job. Individuals receive assistance to build their resume and discover their skills and abilities.

Companionship Services

A companion is a Direct Services Professional that provides support in the individuals own home while assisting with daily activities and functions.